Friday, February 15, 2013

JSON Editor v1.5 now available in App Store!

A new version of JSON Editor is available in App Store.  What's new in this version:

OAuth 2.0 Support
• OAuth 2.0 is now supported for the following providers: bitly, Facebook, Foursquare, GitHub, Google, Instagram
• You can setup new OAuth 2.0 authorizations from "HTTP Client" window, by selecting "+"->"New OAuth 2.0 Authorization", or from HTTP request's details by selecting "OAuth pull down"->"Add..."
• Once you have added and setup an OAuth 2.0 authorization you can attach it to a HTTP request from "OAuth" pull down control. Once this is done, JSON Editor will take care of refreshing and attaching access token to your request.

Other changes and improvements
• If the HTTP response doesn't contain a "Content-Type" HTTP header then the response will be treated as text.
• If the HTTP response has a "Content-Type" of "text/javascript" then the response will be treated as JSON, thus no warnings will be shown when you try to "Beautify" or "Open in New JSON Document"
• Fixed a crash which might occur when getting HTTP response from server.