Tuesday, January 8, 2013

JSON Editor v1.3 now available in App Store!

A new version of JSON Editor is available in App Store.  What's new in this version:

Copy JSON items as Objective-C objects
• This is available in JSON Tree mode, from "Edit->Copy as" menu, or from contextual menu when you right click a node.
• Conversion can be done both to "modern" and classic Objective-C syntax.
• All conversions generate both ARC and non-ARC compatible code.

Raw JSON Editor improvements
• Display of line numbers. There is also a setting in Preferences to show or hide them.
• Setting in Preferences to "Wrap lines to editor width".

• Service for "New JSON Document Containing Selection".
• Services for "Beautify JSON using JSON Editor" and "Compact JSON using JSON Editor". This is helpful, for example, if you have a selected text in TextEdit or Xcode, and you want to beautify or compact it right in the application, without moving the text in JSON Editor.
• If you don't want to have these services available you can disable them, same as any other Service, from "System Preferences->Keyboard->Keyboard Shortcuts->Services".

Other changes and improvements
• Numbers now preserve exactly the format you enter or how it is read from files.
• When importing .plist files which contain real numbers like "nan" (not-a-number), "+infinity" and "-infinity", these will be converted to Strings containing "nan", "+infinity" and "-infinity".
• Names for undo and redo actions.
• "Help" menu has some additional items: "Like JSON Editor on Facebook", "Rate JSON Editor on AppStore" and "Send Feedback".

Bug fixing
• Fixed an issues where "Editor->Validate", "Format->Readable JSON" and "Format->Compact JSON" are enabled even if you are in tree mode. Normally they should be enabled only if you edit the raw JSON.
• Fixed a crash when searching for certain words, while in tree mode.
• Fixed an issue where the row for an edited number was not properly refreshed if a partially correct number was added.
• Fixed an issue where the numbers starting with '+', added while in Tree Editor, change to '0'.

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