Friday, December 21, 2012

JSON Editor v1.2 now available in App Store!

As a very nice Christmas surprise, Apple approved the new version of JSON Editor. And it took only 5 days after being submitted! Version 1.2 comes with a lot of great features. Here they are:

Edit the Raw JSON Document
• Switch to raw JSON document using "View->Show Raw JSON" menu.
• Syntax coloring and auto-indentation
• Validate the document using "Editor->Validate" menu or "Validate" button.
• Validation errors are highlighted in the document and described at the bottom of the window
• Convert the raw document to "readable JSON" or "compact JSON" using "Format->Readable JSON" and "Format->Compact JSON" menus. These will work even if the JSON is not valid.
• Full support for search and replace while editing the raw JSON, too.
• "Preferences" now contains an option which allows the documents to always be opened in "Raw JSON" mode.
• Files which don't contain valid JSON will be opened in raw JSON mode, with the error being highlighted.

Improvements While Editing JSON tree
• We now detect if a document is readable or compact and we will preserve this format even if you edit in the tree mode.
• JSON Editor now keeps the formatting of the original document and applies changes only to the objects you edit.

Application's Help
• "Help->JSON Editor Help" now points to our YouTube channel where you can watch tutorial videos.
• "About" box was updated with helpful links if you want to reach us via different channels.

Other Improvements
• Support for "Full Screen"
• Open and save .txt files, in addition to already existing .json files.
• Menu shortcuts to change the value types
• Support to set the default font size in Preferences
• "Format->Default Font" menu item which sets the font for the current window to the one from Preferences
• Bug fixing

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