Friday, December 21, 2012

JSON Editor v1.2 now available in App Store!

As a very nice Christmas surprise, Apple approved the new version of JSON Editor. And it took only 5 days after being submitted! Version 1.2 comes with a lot of great features. Here they are:

Edit the Raw JSON Document
• Switch to raw JSON document using "View->Show Raw JSON" menu.
• Syntax coloring and auto-indentation
• Validate the document using "Editor->Validate" menu or "Validate" button.
• Validation errors are highlighted in the document and described at the bottom of the window
• Convert the raw document to "readable JSON" or "compact JSON" using "Format->Readable JSON" and "Format->Compact JSON" menus. These will work even if the JSON is not valid.
• Full support for search and replace while editing the raw JSON, too.
• "Preferences" now contains an option which allows the documents to always be opened in "Raw JSON" mode.
• Files which don't contain valid JSON will be opened in raw JSON mode, with the error being highlighted.

Improvements While Editing JSON tree
• We now detect if a document is readable or compact and we will preserve this format even if you edit in the tree mode.
• JSON Editor now keeps the formatting of the original document and applies changes only to the objects you edit.

Application's Help
• "Help->JSON Editor Help" now points to our YouTube channel where you can watch tutorial videos.
• "About" box was updated with helpful links if you want to reach us via different channels.

Other Improvements
• Support for "Full Screen"
• Open and save .txt files, in addition to already existing .json files.
• Menu shortcuts to change the value types
• Support to set the default font size in Preferences
• "Format->Default Font" menu item which sets the font for the current window to the one from Preferences
• Bug fixing

Thursday, December 20, 2012

#1 in "Top Paid Developer Tools" in the Romanian App Store

JSON Editor just reached first place in the "Top Paid Developer Tools" in the Romanian App Store! Thank you very much to everyone who downloaded the app.

PS: Version 1.2 was already submitted in the App Store and it has a bunch of cool new features, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

JSON Editor v1.1 now available in App Store!

After waiting two very long weeks for Apple's approval, I'm finally proud to announce JSON Editor v1.1. What's new in this version:
  • Import property list (.plist) files.
  • Export as .plist files (via "File -> Export..." menu).
  • Support for pasting plist data, either from raw XML or from Xcode.
  • Copy JSON nodes as XML plist so you can paste them in Xcode or other text editor.
  • Full support for "Find & Replace".
  • "Add" and "Remove" buttons on the row which is selected or tracked by mouse.
  • Relaxed parsing conditions. Control characters from files or pasted strings will silently be ignored.
  • Cosmetic improvements.
  • Bug fixing.
If you have any feedback, feel free to use the comment stream to let me know about it. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

JSON Editor v1.0 now available in App Store!

First release of JSON Editor is now available in App Store! Let me know any feedback you have and I'll try to incorporate in the next version.